Our Core Approaches

ICAP implements innovative and sustainable health solutions using four core approaches.

Technical Assistance

ICAP provides tailored technical assistance to in-country partners, working with them to apply the latest knowledge and evidence-based practices to improve health outcomes. This includes national policy development, supportive supervision, clinical mentorship, and quality improvement collaboratives.

Implementation Support

ICAP provides hands-on operational and project support to ministries of health and other partners, supporting planning, budgeting, health service delivery, and monitoring and evaluation. ICAP brings intellectual, technical, human, and material resources needed to achieve program results.

Capacity Building

Central to ICAP’s approach is building system-wide, institutional, and individual capacity to ensure sustainable health improvements. ICAP’s capacity-building approach includes training and mentoring health workers, institutional twinning, and developing and transferring contextually-appropriate systems and processes.

Thought Leadership

ICAP is led by a team of distinguished researchers and health professionals who are recognized, in-country and globally, as subject matter experts. ICAP informs global health policy through peer-reviewed publications and its participation in the world’s preeminent health bodies, from the World Health Organization to the National Institutes of Health. ICAP’s country-based staff combines technical expertise with unsurpassed experience implementing programs and combines best practices with in-depth knowledge of the local context in order to develop effective, state-of-the-art programs.