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ICAP began partnering with the Government of Tanzania in 2004 to reduce perinatal transmission of HIV and support the rapid scale up of HIV care and treatment. We now work in close partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) and provide capacity-building support and technical assistance (TA) for the national HIV and tuberculosis (TB) programs.

ICAP’s portfolio in Tanzania is focused on technical support to strengthen and expand HIV prevention, care, and treatment, voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), services for key populations, diagnosis of pediatric TB and integrated TB/HIV care, and provider-initiated pediatric HIV testing and counseling.

Current Projects

HIV Impact Assessment Survey (The PHIA Project)

ICAP is providing technical assistance and support to Tanzania’s MOH to conduct a population-based HIV impact assessment (PHIA) survey to assess HIV prevalence, incidence, and access to prevention, care, and treatment services. The survey consists of household-based interviews and HIV counseling and testing for adults and children. Survey findings will be used assess the impact of Tanzania’s HIV response at a national level and to help guide and target future investment and programs. This survey is part of the PHIA Project which will conduct surveys in more than ten other countries in sub-Saharan Africa. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

Global TA: Accelerating Children’s HIV/AIDS Treatment (ACT) Initiative

ICAP is providing technical assistance to the MOHSW to expand and improve HIV testing and counseling for children and adolescents. This scope of work includes supporting the development of a pediatric HIV testing and counseling toolkit, developing monitoring and evaluation tracking tools, and working with partners to integrate quality improvement techniques in pediatric HIV testing and counseling service delivery. (funded by PEPFAR and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation)

Global TA: Quality Improvement for PITC

ICAP is providing technical assistance to Tanzania’s MOHSW and the National AIDS Control Programme to improve provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling among pediatric populations in the Simiyu and Geita regions. ICAP is collaborating with local implementing partners in these regions to implement a quality improvement (QI) collaborative at high-yield pediatric facilities to improve PITC coverage and linkage to treatment of infected children. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

Global TA: Fast Track Test and Treat for Key Populations

ICAP is partnering with the MOHSW to support the planning, implementation, and evaluation of HIV test and treat (T&T) strategies for key populations. This includes: exploring new test strategies and innovative linkage and service delivery models to increase access to and coverage of HIV testing and treatment for key populations; supporting implementation of T&T interventions for key populations and; documenting challenges and advantages of various the models. Additionally, ICAP is supporting the development of M&E tools necessary to monitor engagement of key populations along the continuum of care. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

Global TA: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for Key Populations

ICAP is partnering with the MOHSW to plan, design, and implement PrEP services for key populations. This scope of work includes developing tools PrEP guidelines and standard operating procedures; training health care workers; developing M&E tools to track uptake and retention on PrEP and; evaluating PrEP implementation. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

Global TA: Quality Improvement for Capacity Impact Project

ICAP is working with the MoPH to support a quality collaborative comprising 16 health facilities that are working together to improve turn-around time for the tests used to diagnose HIV in infants. (funded by PEPFAR through HRSA)

Global TA: Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO®)

Project ECHO® is a platform for practice-based education and training to support service delivery that includes four components: 1) technology (multipoint videoconferencing and internet) to leverage scarce health care resources and to establish communities of practice and learning; 2) a disease management model focused on improving outcomes by reducing variation in processes of care and sharing best practices; 3) case-based learning using a guided-practice “Hub and Spoke” model that encourages the collaborative management of patients between multi-disciplinary teams of providers (spokes) and subject matter experts (hubs); and 4) monitoring outcomes. ECHO® enables providers to engage with mentors in weekly meetings via video and teleconference during which providers receive a short didactic session, share challenging cases, and ask questions about best practices. The pilot started in 12 health facilities in three regions (Dar es Salaam, Kigoma, and Shinyanga). (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

Recently Completed Projects

Technical Assistance for HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment (2009 – 2015)

ICAP provided technical assistance to support implementation of VMMC services as part of a comprehensive package of HIV prevention activities in Kagera and Geita regions, including 20 islands in Lake Victoria. Through the National Technical Working Group on VMMC, ICAP also assisted in the development of assessment tools for monitoring and evaluation, and materials for information, education, and communication.

ICAP conducted research to examine the feasibility of providing health care workers in TB care facilities with enhanced HIV prevention training to examine the potential effects on partner-focused HIV testing and linkage to care. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

The Endeleza Project (2010 – 2016)

ICAP collaborated with the MOHSW and Zanzibar to build capacity to expand HIV prevention, care, and treatment services at all levels of the health system, including psychosocial support to people living with HIV, VMMC and HIV prevention for key populations (people who inject drugs, men who have sex with men, and sex workers). ICAP partnered with a network of regional hospitals, laboratories, and primary health facilities in Kagera and Mwanza regions to integrate effective and sustainable services. (funded by the CDC)

To learn more about the achievements of this project, read the VMMC brief here.

Improving Care for Pediatric TB/HIV (2010 – 2015)

Through TB Centers of Excellence established at hospitals in Dar es Salaam and Kagera, ICAP strengthened local policy and institutional capacity to provide high-quality integrated TB and HIV pediatric care. These centers of excellence and their satellite health facilities provide comprehensive services for diagnosis of TB and specialized management of TB/HIV for co-infected children. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)