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ICAP began working in Uganda in 2015 partnering with the Ministry of Health (MOH) as part of the PHIA Project, which is conducting population-based HIV surveys in ten countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

ICAP also provides technical assistance to develop HIV prevention, care, and treatment programs for key populations.

HIV Impact Assessment Survey (PHIA Project)

ICAP is providing technical assistance to the MOH to conduct the Uganda Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (UPHIA) survey to assess HIV prevalence, incidence, and access to prevention, care, and treatment services. The survey includes household-based interviews and HIV counseling and testing for adults and children. Survey findings will be used to assess the impact of Uganda’s HIV response at the national level and to help guide and target future investment and programs. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

Global TA: Fast Track Test and Treat for Key Populations

ICAP is partnering with the MOH to support the planning, implementation, and evaluation of and HIV test and treat (T&T) strategies for key populations. This includes: exploring new test strategies and innovative linkage and service delivery models to increase access to and coverage of HIV testing and treatment coverage for key populations; supporting Uganda to implement T&T interventions for key populations and; documenting challenges and advantages of various models implemented. Additionally, ICAP is supporting the development of M&E tools necessary to monitor engagement of key populations along the continuum of care. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

Global TA: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for Key Populations

ICAP is partnering with the MOH to plan, design, and implement PrEP services for key populations. This scope of work includes: developing tools for PrEP implementation guidelines and standard operating procedures, and training health care workers; developing M&E tools to track uptake and retention on PrEP; monitoring programs; and evaluating PrEP implementation. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

Global TA: Rapid Test Quality Improvement Initiative

ICAP is partnering with the MOH to strengthen HIV rapid testing quality assurance efforts by developing guidelines, indicators, and tools for implementing and monitoring retesting procedures for HIV positive individuals prior to ART initiation. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)